Friday, October 23, 2009

WooHoo I'm gettin closer!!!!

Well after spending much time taking pics and putting them on craiglist I am finally getting somewhere.I sold a cow costume for $5.00 yesterday and some clothes for $5.50 tonight.I recieved a mileage check from the school yesterday for $21.21 and if you add all those digits together it comes to $31.71.I need $500.00 to finish Christmas shopping so only $468.29 to go then I can have a blast!I'm thinking I can have the amount by black Friday {Day after Thanksgiving sale} then I can do some severe shopping.I honestly HATE shopping but when it comes to just buying for fun for the kids I love it!A couple are coming by Sunday to buy some infant clothes so that will put the balance up a bit more and a lady is coming Wednesday to buy some baby furniture so that will help tremendously!I have never thought about doing this before but it is such a wonderful way to declutter and make money at the same time.When school starts in the fall each year all the kids I babysit return to school so I don't have that extra income to help out so I generally went and got a {real} job but i'm thinkin this year I won't need to.I haven't been sending Kaden to school because I feel we need the special time together and plus I have the time to work with him on colors,shapes,etc.So anyway thats what I have been doing.I had parent/teacher meetings last night and today.Kelsey and Ashley {grade 3&K} are both making all A's.I am so proud of them.Brenten is doing well with A's also but needs improvment on keeping his hands to himself.He keeps the class laughing even though it keeps him in trouble.Justin is making all F's!Oh I was not happy at all to hear that.He is on a restricted scedule now and I will be hounding him like a beagle on a rabbit trail.I better find something that needs to be done.Donald fixed my computer and made it much faster so I hate to make him think I don't appreciate it lol.

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