Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have another question I am stumped on.

Christmas is getting near and I am in the shopping mood.How many presents should each child have?So far mine have 8 each.Should I continue or call that good?I recall the Christmas before the youngest 3 were born I bought the oldest two 21 gifts each.They was still unwrapping presents in July.I know they won't have 21 this year but I need to know what is a reasonable amount.So far Justin has a playstatin with games,a digital camara,blanket,r/c car,bath set,cologne,top,and I forgot the 8th one.Kelsey has Hannah Montana bath set,Hannah Montana doll,Hannah Montana necklace kit,Fur Real Panda,blanket,bath set,bracelet making kit,and of course I forgot the 8th.Brenten has playstation,blanket,bath set,r/c car,and I forgot what else.Ashley has a remote contron dog,Hannah Montana necklace kit,blanket,bath set,leap pad with books,my little ponies,and I forgot the other 2 things.Kaden has a wooden puzzle,blanket,bath set,tooth brush set,fire truck,hot wheels,dancin animal,and I forgot the last.Donald has a gps system.That how my shopping has went so far.I did ask the kids what they would like.They have to name me 5 things they would like to have then I write it down and try to get them at least 1 thing off the list.I have done good since I just asked them what they wanted today and I shopped last week.I love Christmas.It's my favorite Holiday!Donald even cleaned the gutters today so I can hang my lights when the time comes :0)

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Fatal Piggy said...

I have started too! I am so ready to put my Christmas tree up!