Sunday, October 11, 2009

My mind has been over loaded in a good way

Ok so as I was dishes,fold laundry,sleep,drive,grocery shop,or just plain sit on my rear I am constantly thinking.As you know by know I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Good St.Nick.I got the list of what my 5 kids,Donald,Mom,Dad,My sister's,My neice,My brother n law,My cousin,and my Cousins kids want for Christmas.Whoo thats quit the list but they all named off reasonable things so I'm certain they will all get things they want.I have also wanted to go Caroling since Justin was a baby but never got to.Well this year I am determined to gather up kids and go caroling.I came up with an idea to make fruit baskets with fresh fruit,home baked cookies,candy,and of course a Christmas card.As I go to deliver these baskets to each door we can sing carols.After caroling we can all come back to my place for fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate.Yes it sounds like some kind of fantasy because it is my fantsey.I will make it happen!Oh I am so ready for Christmas!I get so happy I could cry when I think about it.I want to change at least 1 life this holiday season to make someone feel remembered.There are so many people that feel forgotten about but yet they never complain.There are so many nonfortuneate people out there and so many that have everything that thinks they have nothing.My goal is to help someone though and I am hoping for the best.I think good places to find lonely people are nursing homes,hospitals,even some are your neighbors.Lonely people are everywhere.So anyway that is whats been on my mind lately.Oh and for those who must be wondering I do celeberate Thankgiving.Donald and I alway's get in and bake pies,cookies,cakes,etc. the night before then we make the ham,turkey,etc. on Thanksgiving morning.We do roll our own pie crust from flour.We don't cheat and buy yucky frozen or boxed pie crust.But Thanksgiving is just another day at home with lot's of visitors and sleeping.I am grateful for all the food and company but it don't strike me like Christmas.

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Erica said...

Thank you for posting this! This is really an encouragement to spread some of God's love around to those who need it! Makes we want to bake some bread for a neighbor.