Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Craziness

Today is going to be one crazy day!I'm going to my friends house to take pics of baby items after my laundry gets dried,I have to be at the lawyers office at 2pm,Tom is getting off work at 12pm,and who knows what is going to happen between all of this.My ex and I agreed on some things yesterday so it should make it easier today.My lil man just got out of bed and came to me to let me know he sweeped a bunch (he slept a bunch).I now have him settled in my bed watching Mickey Mouse ClubHouse.I haven't been having hot flashes lately,they was so bad I thought I was going to run us out of cold water.April 2nd 2011 is the new wedding date!Our colors are black,white,and camo.I believe I found a rustic looking location that will blend in with the colors.I have 6 bridesmaids,6 groomsmen,1 maid of honor,1 best man,2 flower girls,and 1 ring bearer so far.I already have my dress so all i have to get is the boy's and Tom's white shirts and my shoes (why can't I just wear my boots?).I watched My Big Redneck Wedding last night on CMT but I seen zero ideas for me.Our snow is finally gone!I'm still awaiting my W-2 so I can go file taxes but it seems to be taking forever!I guess I should go get everything I need for the day together so I don't leave anything behind.Have another awsome day!

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