Monday, January 24, 2011

Hello Again

It's officially Monday again!The kids had no school the past 4 day's due to snow and the weekend.Tom's Birthday Party was yesterday,He is now 42 years old.I sat down last night and made auctual wedding plans so now I am ready.I heard from my ex last week...of course he has changed his mind on his knocked up broad and wants me back but I had to turn him down.I got a new ride (or new to me anyway).It's a year younger then the Tahoe was but hey it runs and has the 3rd row seat.I took new ride out on Thursday to try out the 4x4 and it does work so I am happy!We filed Tom's taxes now just waitin on my w2 so I can go file.Since I bought new furniture and tv's last year I am going to help Tom out with his bills this year to get them out of the way.Not alot has happened.Hopefully there will be no more snow day's on Friday's so I can get blogging back on track.Have an awsome Monday!

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