Monday, January 10, 2011

It's Monday again *sigh*

It's once again Monday!Sometimes I wonder why we can't just skip Monday.I did try to sleep this Monday away after getting the kids on the bus but here I am wide awake.I thought we was going to get alot of snow last night but nope we didn't.It is suppose to snow tonight (about 2 inches) so I am crossing my fingers it comes!We haven't had snow this year so we are ready for it.It was a very peaceful weekend!Tom went rabbit hunting with his cousin and the kids played outside or watched tv and I just took some alone time and hibernated in the bedroom with good books and the internet.Have a great week!

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-stephanie- said...

Monday's almost over.
Alone time is good sometimes. Sounds like you had some good alone time.
Enjoy the snow if you get it.