Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank goodness it's friday.I can't say it was the best Friday due to the crazy weather.The kids were suppose to have a track meet at school today but they decided against that at 6:30am this morning.I got up got the kids ready for school and sent them to the bus.By the time they got to school the weather was starting to get a bit hairy.I sat around and waited to take cover but I had to wait all day long.The tornado and straight line winds missed us by about 20 miles (maybe less).The wheel of fortues rv is coming near me and I want to play but I know that I could drive 2 1/2 hours and not get to play so I'm going to just sit home and wait it out.I would get really excited if someone I know gets to play on there.Does anyone have any big plans for Mother's Day?I think I am staying home that day and I think I'm going to boost the kids and other half to help clean out closets.It's my day so I can do that right?I managed to get a short nap today.It was kinda dark outside and Kaden laid on the couch and went to sleep so I laid down by him and got some shut eye in also.Brenten brought home a paper from school about his momma.I will scan it and add it on here.It really let me know that he loves me (even if he did eat the 2 hershy kisses with my name on them).If I don't post another blog before Mother's Day Happy Mother's Day !Mother's put in many sweat hours that are cherished daily.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,
I like Brenten's paper!
And I so remember that stormy day!