Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can you say TROUBLE?

This was the last day of school for my kiddos.We got off to a rather rough start and so far it hasen't gotten any better.This is Kelsey with her bee sting.While I was treating this bee sting Brenten walked in.
This is what I noticed first.Do you see the self inflicted hair cut?Believe it or not my clippers quit working after I got Justin's hair cut last week.So now what was I suppose to do?Well there was only 1 thing I could do.
I plugged the clippers in and amazingly they worked.So I proceeded to cut hair.This is how it looks now.Not completly even but I didn't want him totally bald.His head is a bit bumpy {I think thats how to describe it}.Now the bee sting is fine,the hair looks much better,and now it's storming.I hope all the toy's are where they are suppose to be so they don't wash away.Oh man the kind neighbor dude just got my gravel out of the road and back in the driveway.I feel another bump coming on.
I hope everyone had a nice slow uneventful day unlike me.I would have rather gone to the store to get groceries but I do believe I will wait on that til tomorrow.


Grace said...

UPDATE!!!!!Kaden just put some air holes in his shirt with brenten's scissors.Now can I ask what's next?

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