Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have gotten behind on blogging due to a sick baby.Kaden didn't sleep much on Wednesday night but I thought it was because he had taken a late nap.Thursday night he stayed awake fussing so I ried everything imaginable to comfort him.I rocked him,layed by him,walked with him,gave him a warm bath,and gave him motrin since he had a low fever.Nothing seemed to help.I finally told him to show me where it hurt and he hit his chest.About 5 minutes later he stood up to follow me and hit the floor screaming because it hurt so bad.I then knew it was time to do something else.I woke Donald and told him I had called his mother and she was on her way over to stay with the other kids while i took Kaden to the er.We did'nt have to wait in the er long since he starting vomiting green stuff.So after sitting in the treatment room all night and after many pokes and tests we were ready to go home.The doctor could find nothing wrong but the nurse thought e coli.I had never thought of e coli but it would make sence due to all the flooding,new water lines,and a busted sewage line and it all ran to my yard.No he didn't play in it!But we are home now and he is fine and I have been buying bottled water for drinking instead of useing it from the sink.AHHHH the joy's of living in the city.Good news is we shall be moving in 3 years and we are going back to the country.Yep I will give up a new house and rotton neighbors to go back to the real life.Kaden crying due to a pain FINALLY taking a lasted about 10 minutes

Sleeping again...............about 10 minutes again

Out for the count!This time I had to wake him up so we could leave.He loved his bear.

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