Saturday, May 2, 2009

12th Anniversary Get-Away

On this day 12 years ago I met Donald (or he met me)which ever way we met.So for our anniversary I paid for a room and we made the great escape.It was so relaxing and peaceful.The first thing I done was cleaned the tub with my own cleaner.I can't stand getting into such a thing after someone I don't know has been in it and not knowing how clean it really is.After that we went to the pool.We only had 30 minutes to swim last night due to people with a ton of kids swimming.I'm not kidding there was no space left for us.But once we did get in there it was only us.When the time was up and we had to get out we realized there was no towels left.That was ok we just walked our drippy selves back up to the 3rd floor to our room.It stormed and we was able to hear the rain on the roof.Thats when I decided it was time to crash for the night.I slept soooo good.This is me and Donald after getting out of the pool
I spiked his hair ;0)
I was trying to get a pic of myself in the mirror

He enjoyed it as much as me.The cause for the bubbles is sitting there

Survival kit.....It didn't last long

Before I even got it cleaned

OOPS we are messy housekeeper's

Our view..Not much to see

The tahoe 3 floors down.It looks bigger from above

The ultimate cleaner that smells good

This is us


E @ Scottsville said...

Okay Grace, I'm soooooo going to pretend that I've never seen naked pics of your man in the bathtub. OR I'm sooo totally going to assume that he had his swimming trunks on under there. Yea, that's it! =0)

Grace said...

Ok E he really did have his swim trunks on in there.Now you don't have to think bad thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls,
He's actually more "covered" in this pic than in the April 20th blog/pic! lol