Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tractor Show 2009

Happy Saturday everyone!I have been to the tractor show.I walked the kids around for an hour then we sat down to watch the tractor pull.There is a truck pull at 7:00pm tonight that I am hoping to catch.When we go green it's means we all put on our John Deere attire.Here is Kelsey,Ashley,and Kaden standing by the wagon..yep that's an automobile seat attached to it. Brent wanted his picture taken alone by the wagon..picky little boy's.
Kelsey by her favorite that really a tractor?

This is the back of Kelsey's favorite tractor.......It's just a wanna be Deere!

This is Kaden's favorite tractor.He can sopt a Deere from a mile away.

This is Ashley's favorite tractor....why Ford?Must get that from my uncle.

Brenten and his favorite tractor...notice it's the ford again?

This is our Air Evac.They showed a demo of a farmer on a tractor and the tractor rolled over on him.It was really something to watch.

It's just lifting.It landed right by my rig.

Notice all the amish?Kelsey kept yelling "There's Randy" I finally explained it's not Uncle Randy they just look alot like him.

I sure got alot of pics of the helicopter.Wasen't I there for tractor's?

This is my favorite picture.I wish Justin would have came with us instead of attending a birthday party.This is an original steam engine with the kiddos in front of it.They had it smokin so I wouldn't let the kids on it like I generally do.

We had a ton of fun today and hope to have more tonight.I hope your having a fantastic Saturday also.I will be posting truck pull pics maybe tomorrow or maybe tonight.So just check back.


-stephanie- said...

About the hanger thingy...since we don't have scorpions, I never would have guessed that. Congrats to the winner.

Being from farm country, I do know tractors. Well, I don't know much about them, just that we have a lot of farmers here.

Thanks for popping in to my blog. Come again!

Anonymous said...

I so love the line, "When we go green it means we put on our John Deere attire."
Wish I had thought of that. So glad you got to go the tractor show.