Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Show Me 100-WPMS

This #14 is my cousin Jerry.He has been found at the track for many Saturday nights. This is Jerry in motion.It's rather hard to get pics when there is 2 fences to look thru.

This flying plane was the signal to the late models.Start'em up boy's!
During the national anthem.Gus the cool mule is in the back.

This would be the one and only Scott Bloomquist.He is not such a good sport at raceing.When they announced him EVERYONE bood instead of cheering!

This is the ever so generous sponsers.Sunoco oil,Lucas Oil,Dixie Chopper,and R&L ?

Just chillin before the race.Kinda looks like rain clouds but it stayed clear.

He's getting antsy!

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