Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here we go again.Monday's never seem to pop up fast.I didn not have a wonderful time over the weekend.I did not pay my mother 50.00 to babysit all my kids so I could get a night away.No way not me..I love being around my kids 27/7 365.I did not take an attempt at baking a banana split cake and it did not turn out yummy enough to last 1 day.I did not keep Kaden home from school today because he woke up coughing and saying his head hurt.I did not give him tylenol and lay down with him and we did not wake up at 12:30 this afternoon "sigh".We do not have a meeting in the park at 5:00 tonight and i am not going since my kid missed school today "wink".Going to this meeting/get together would not mean I don't have to cook tonight.Erica would never have left a comment on one of my blogs that would have given me traveling dreams.I have not had this dream 2 times.I would never drive to Texas to find the above mentioned eating hamburgers with my cousin in a little diner.That just would not be the coolest dream ever.I have not gained so much weight my shorts don't fit anymore.I am not going to have to lose weight or buy new clothes.I am not still sitting here in my night clothes at 2:22pm.Well I think that tidies up my NOT ME MONDAY!Thanks for stopping by.

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Grace said...

If you noticed I did not make alot of spelling errors on the above post.