Thursday, May 28, 2009

2nd day of summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!!1

If you recall yesterday was an awful day.It all started when Kelsey started yelling and screaming because she was stung by a bee.About 10 minutes after that Brenten walked in and I noticed he had cut a chunk out of his hair.About 10 minutes after that I noticed Kaden had cut air holes in his favorite shirt.About 10 minutes after that Ashley woke up and walked to me saying she itched tada Brenten had cut her hair.Later last night right before dark Brenten pushed Kaden and knocked one of his new teeth loose.Not long after all this Brenten started crying because Justin slugged him in the face with a rock.I have never been so happy to see 8:00 appear on the clock.That means it's the kids bedtime.Today however was a bit better.Me and all 5 of the kids went grocery shopping.I promised them that if they could behave while walking through the store I would let them each play 1 game before leaving.Well ok so they didn't get to play games because they was wild animals in there and I was in a hurry to get them outta there.We got home and they calmed down.They was outside playing nicely so I decided to mow the yard.HAHA the suprise was on me again.My mower would not start.Donald came home and looked at it and found just what the problem was..GRAPE KOOL AID in my gas tank.Thank goodness he is a handy man and was able to fix it.Now if I can beat the kids to it in the morning I will mow the yard.Kelsey kept telling me her foot itched today and I kept telling her that is was itching due to it healing.Well it was healing a little I suppose but then I looked and noticed her foot is huge.My sweet tooth kicked in so I baked a german chocolate cake.I am awaiting it to cool so I can frost it and eat it.Thats gonna be my midnight snack.Ok Kaden seen to it that he got yet another bath before bed {makes # 4}so I better run him out and get him in bed.I hope everyone had a delightful day and I look forward to letting you know what happens tomorrow.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh my goodness, Grace! You have had some HARD DAYS, haven't ya?

Does it help at all to know that it made me laugh cuz it was such good blog material??? Hey, you could post it all on Monday and deny it all!!! =0)