Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What could it be?

Kaden is still having the bad stomach cramps.His doctor is 1 hour away but I am thinking tomorrow is the perfect day to take him for a visit.Our hospital isen't the best at all and I should have known better then to take him there in the first place.So between stomach pains and end of the school year events and trying to prepare for Kaden to have surgery Friday I have gotten behind here.I took my rig to the car wash today and not thinking I stuck a $1.00 bill in the machine and pushed the soap brush so I could do some major scrubbing.I ran out of time and had to insert $1.00.After getting it scubbed shiny with no more bugs attached to the grill I was ready to spay it off and be on my way.Well that required $1.00.I only had a $5.00 and $10.00 bill on me besides the credit card and to use the credit card you must spend $5.00 so I just inserted the $5.00 bill.I really was not thinking when I done that and it showed when I stood there and sprayed it then brushed it then sprayed it then used the pretty squirter then sprayed it then used the brush then sprayed it then used the brush then sprayed it then realized the time was finally up and I had spent 22 minutes on a 10 minute job.I'm so glad I didn't have any appointments.I did get to spend most of the day with my sister Kyla.As I passed her house she motioned for me to come back so I turned around and headed back.I didn't get to do anything for her for graduating due to the man she is with so I knew that was a perfect time.My friend had already invited me to lunch at hardees and I was going to pay for my sis but my friend insisted that she pay since she works there and gets discounts.I did however take Kyla to McDonalds for supper.I knowit was cheap but hey she didn't complain.Tuesday's is suppose to be $1.99 happy meals.Well here it say's $1.99 but in the end they are $2.99.Yep you have to buy the drink seperate.Anyway it's late so I better head to bed.Watch for another photo in the near future.I stuck the last winner's gift card in the mail yesterday.

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E @ Scottsville said...

I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon. Hope surgery goes well on Friday. =0( I'll be praying for you guys!

Don't forget tomorrow is "Memory Lane" day in case you have an old photo!

Have a great night, Grace!