Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello outdoors Here we come!

It has been way to nice to be stuck indoors so the kids and I headed out last night.No we didn't do much.We went and watched Donald and his buddies race their r/c cars on the r/c track.It's not so funny to see them wreck at 70mph anymore since I know how much them little bity parts cost.I did however con the girls into letting me take their pictures.Oh it didn't take much conning.All I really had to do was say "Ashley sit right here for a second" then "Kelsey I want you right here for a minute".They cooperated very well.I'm looking forward to going to SpeedWay on May 21st for the Justin Stanfill Memorial.It's a once a year event and I like it.I got my Oprah coupons for my free KFC dinner.I spent a little longer then I wanted to last night just trying to get them to print then after they finally did print I found out our KFC is not accepting them because they don't have the grill it takes to make the grilled chicken "sigh".I made another banana split cake for desert tonight.It was much better then the first.The other lasted 1 day so I think this one will last barely through the night.Well I hope ya'll had a wonderful day like me.Come back tomorrow to see track meet pics of the kiddos.We are going to make it a full day event.They don't mind since they get out of school for it.

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