Thursday, May 21, 2009

2nd attempt to Kaden's tummy ache

Kaden as most know has had a tummy ache for 1 week today.I first took him to our local hospital and instead of doing an x ray on his tummy they done his lungs.If I remember right his lungs appear to be in great working condition.So yesterday I was tired due to no sleep {not even a wink} the night before which made my head hurt miserably.I decided to do something different.Donald came home at around 12:30pm and we drove to Mt.Home Ar. to try out their er.Well we sure did figure the problem out.Would you think 27 packs {yes i said PACKS} could be the problem?Yep thats the problem.I have to give him this milk stuff that will break it down so it will move or do something.This milk stuff is suppose to take affect between 1 1/2 and 6 hours.I gave him some at 8:15pm last night and it is 2:45pm now and guess what!!!!!NOTHING!I don't care if he makes a huge mess that will travel up to his neck or clear down to his toes I just want this gum out so we can sleep.Donald was kind enough to get up with him through the night last night but then I felt guilty this morning.It's just the thought that Donald leaves home way before 6am to go to work.So I am now packing our bags so we will be ready to leave when Donald gets home.Kaden has surgery at 9:30am tomorrow.We are going to stay the night so we don't have to leave home so early.It's a 2-2 1/2 hour drive and I am not a morning person.So just keep Kaden in your prayers.He is allergic to alot of stuff so I am praying the medicine to knock him out dosen't have a lasting impression.My cousin went into surgery yesterday on his arm and they said he is really not wanting to wake up.He is 16 years old.So now let's all say our prayers.Have a fantastic day everyone!

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