Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Aren't they just adorable,loveable,kissable,and huggable?I think so!
I was having the perfect day.I woke up earlier then usual and got Kaden ready for school.Mom was here so I didn't have to get Ashley up to pack her out with me when I took Kaden to school.At 8:30 the little girls I was babysitting showed up (they are 1 and 3).I expected tears to flow when their grandma left but they stayed so happy the entire time.They was so happy go lucky.I could keep them everyday and not get tired of them.They were just adorable.I took lil one with me to get Kaden from school and he could not understand why mommy was carrying a baby and why the baby was riding in his carseat.He gave me the evil eye a few times but I know he still loves me.We made it home from school and started lunch and the girls grandma came and picked them up.I mowed the yard and took Ashley to school and was still having a delightful day.Ashley came in crying 2 times..the 1st was because the 9 year old neighbor kid hit her in the nose and the 2nd was due to the same kid hitting her on the bottom and leaving huge hand print welps.Yes that pretty much ruined my day and ticked me off.Then the neighbor girl's mother came to my door trying to cause trouble so I flat out told her I am putting up an electric fence and no trespassing signs.She kept trying to pick a fight so I slammed the door in her face.I get along with nearly everyone but not so much people like that.So now you know what killed my wonderful,spectacular,beautiful day.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, they are too cute!!!!