Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Summer Happy Day

Happy Summer everyone.This is the 3rd day of summer vacation here.The first 2 day's was awful and I just wanted to send the kiddies back to school.Amazingly knock on wood the kids have been quit well today.I was a mean mommy and told Brent that since he dumped the kool aid in my mower he could stand there and crank it til it started.HE DID IT!After an hour of waiting he started that puppy right up and then took off mowing.Then I was a mean mommy again and I took the mower for my turn.I now sit here wishing I would have let him do it all because my hands are swollen,blistered,and they HURT.I managed to cut my thumb last night while cutting tomatoes so it hurts too.And to top it all off I was smart enough to mow in my snadals which left blisters on my ankles.So much for the kids being good huh.I should have an ok weekend since granny is coming to load up on kids.I am so excited about my yard.No trash,toy's,or weeds.It looks so pretty green not to mention it looks good enough to lay on.I even think I'm tanning.I told the kids we are getting a water slide very soon.But you see the deal is..I get to go down first lol.I have no pics right now but I just might add some later.I have to take some first.So I will leave on the note that evn though I have blisters on my hands and feet I don't care.All that matters is that my kids are behaving and granny is coming to get them.Hello Saturday hurry up and get here!Have a great fun safe weekend everyone!


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Hope you have a great weekend, too!!!