Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday

Happy Monday Everyone.Wednesday was not the first day of summer vacation for my kids.They did not cut their hair and clothes,get stung by a bee,pour grape kool aid in my mower,and they surely would not clobber each other in the face with rocks.No way not my kids!Thursday Brenten surely would not have cranked on the mower for an hour before getting it started just so we could mow our {field} yard.Friday was not a peaceful day.It was not so peaceful that I don't know what in the world I did.Saturday my little sister Kyla did not call me to come remove her from a bad situation.I did not break every speed limit to get there.After getting kyla we did not pick up mother and head to the lake.The water was NOt freezing instead of nice and warm like people was saying it was.Sunday mother did not come to my house to spend the night.Me,Mother,Kyla,Justin,Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,and Donald did not go to my oldest sisters for a BBQ and it was not delicious.I did not eat 3 hamburgers.Monday morning I did not hear someone outside at 2:00am and I did not have Kyla call the police to come look.10 seconds befoe the cop got here we did not realize the dog was barking because her poor tummy was growling.We did not wake momma up laughing at our stupidity.The nice cop did not look around the house anyway just to make sure we didn't have a stalker out back.He was not a very handsome cop either.No way would me and Kyla both go to the door just to get a good look at him.It's not 2:37am and we are not still sitting here blogging and cracking jokes knowing we have to get up early in the morning.I did not have a very eventful week to blog about.AHHHHHHHHHHH I really do not need to go to bed.I am not going to bed now.HAPPY NOT ME MONDAY YA'LL!

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Grace said...

P.S. The cop did not tell us we could call him back and the dog is not sleeping now.