Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear So & So.......

Dear tv network people,Could you please stop with MJ?He was no hero and he wasen't my role model.Let's just forget about him! Your bored viewer. Dear Momma,Please stop acting like I can do nothing right.My kids have lived with me for their entire lives and they are still alive.Please understand I love you and Daddy the same not one more then the other.I get a bit angry when you try to trash talk him.I didn't beg to be concieved so please stop blaming me.Your loving daughter. Dear Kids,Please understand you get on my nerves when you bicker.It's summer so please get along so I can take you to do fun things.No more whining also.You know I love you but you also know that mommy takes alot from you all.Love Mommy. Dear Donald,Please know that I do not sit on my rear all day looking for a blog to post.Just because you only have 1 pair of clean jeans left does not make it the end of the world.I love you dearly and will always make sure you have clean clothes,food and drink ready for you.Your loving woman. Dear Kim,You haven't been over in awhile to yell at me.I like it better when you stay on your side of the street.It makes my day's so bright when you leave for work and don't come home til dark.Thank you so much.I also hope you understand that just because you are bigger then me dosen't make you badder.Your fed up neighbor. Dear Grandpa,I am writing to let you know you can't go yet.I am still to young and it's to hot to feud over your salt shaker.I love you dearly and I have to come see you more often even if you don't know who I am.I have alot of wonderful childhood memories with you and I would love for my kids to have that too.I love you.Your grand daughter. Dear Grandma,I miss you bunches.I know you had to go see those pearly gates and I know you are watching over us.Grandpa misses you so very much and I think it's getting him down.You was a great grandma.I think about you daily and all the advice you could give me on raising so many kids.You raised your kids right and I am hoping mine turns out at least half as good.I love you.Your granddaughter.


E @ Scottsville said...

These posts are fun to write, aren't they?

I liked yours to your neighbor. =0)

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

I enjoyed reading your Dear Grandpa and your Dear Grandma.
And totally agree about MJ.