Thursday, June 25, 2009

Which one looks like me?

This is Kaden and I.He is my baby that isen't much of a baby anymore.He is 3 yrs old and I still find myself carrying him on my hip.He really isen't shy he just had better things to be doing at the moment. This is Ashley and me.She loves to have me take her pic.She is my baby girl.She is 5 yrs old and just as big as Kaden.She is a bit small and loves to talk.
This is my middle child.Brenten is my little wild man.He will be 7 on July 16th but sometimes he pretends to be 70.He is always taking something apart but he is always sure to put it back together.I can never get a {normal} pic of him.

This is Kelsey.She will be 9 on July 3rd.She is my book worm that takes everything serious.She is the knitter of the family.If she is not reading then she is knitting.I call her my special child because she had a rough start from the day she was born.

This is my big 10 year old son.Justin enjoys video games,tv,riding bikes,and of course picking on the younger kids.I weigh 110 pounds and he weighs 108 {the last we weighed}.I buy his shoes by trying them on me.I thought my boy's would never steal my clothes but Justin likes my new socks and he wears my t shirts {I have alot of boy shirts}.

I love my kids more then life itself and would not trade them for anything.They are my pride and joy.


Anonymous said...

my little girl is the best! lol

Five Moms & A Blog said...

I think Kelsey looks the most like her mama!


Five Moms & A Blog said...

OOps, that was me... ERICA!