Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Wow I went to bed a little earlier then usual last night and fell asleep instantly {I think anyway}.I was dreaming the sweetest dream ever when I opened my eyes and they was a bit foggy but it made Donald look like Brad Paisley.Now I was really enjoying sleeping beside Brad when all of a sudden Donald rolled over,opened his mouth,and nearly killed me with that knock out breath,then he started snoring and I'm sure the roof was raising.I should have just stayed asleep and turned my back to him so I could have completed my dream.Now admitt it ladies we have all had our nice little fantasy dreams and then we wake up to reality.Is that not a RUDE awakening or what?Yes we probaly all love our hubby's and our other halfs and I know I wouldn't trade mine for anything.Maybe that is why we dream when we go to sleep.I was even busted talking in my sleep the other night.Donald said he woke up and was answering my question.Oh geez I hope I don't say anything bad.Would it not be easier if the men had quotation bubbles over their heads?I say men because I sure don't want no bubble over my head when I am thinking or dreaming.SUBJECT CAN CHANGE AT ANY MOMENT!We got new puppies yesterday.They are boxer mix and only 5 weeks old.Squirt is mine and Puddles belongs to the kids.I will have to take pics and put them up.Oh no I just remembered I am suppose to walk back in time today.I better find a pic and start another blog.


E @ Scottsville said...

Yea, I missed your walk with me down Memory Lane!!! Where were ya?

Guess you must've gotten SQUIRTed or stepped in a PUDDLE! =0)


Grace said...

LOL I was trying to fix a scanned pic.Mission was not accomplished.Squirt and puddles are now outside pups.

E @ Scottsville said...

Grace, email me at