Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me Monday

Ahh yes Monday again.Now that summer vacation is here Monday is just like the other 6 day's of the week.I did not meet a new friend and we did not decide to meet at a local restraunt for lunch on Wednesday.We did not play cat and mouse and not meet that day.We did not however meet Thursday at a different local restraunt.He was not at all a nice reasonable guy and Donald is not thrilled about all this {really he isen't}.I did not plan on going camping over the weekend and my yard sale did not consume to much time and made me miss the water.I did not make it to speedway again on Saturday night and they did not have alot of accidents.I did't do my weekly grocery shopping today and it was not needed at all.Nope My fridge and cabinets stay fully stocked.My computer does not keep telling me I am low on space and I didn't already delete all the old files.I am not considering hooking up the other tower so my computer will be faster.I have not had a wonderful week either.Nope only having 2 kids is not so much easier then 5+.I did not hurt my back last week and it is not killing me slowely.I don't guess I done anything very exciting.I did not decide on Friday night to start a fire in the driveway so we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs.They was not delicious!I have not lost 4 pounds since the warm weather has got here.I am not able to get in my shorts again FINALLY.I have not been wanting to get my hair cut in a different fashion and I am not clueless as to how I want it cut.I guess that's my NOT ME MONDAY.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Well, Happy Happy Monday to you! ANd yea, I'd guess Donald wouldn't be too thrilled about you meeting up with another man in a restaurant. I snorted when I read that.

Good luck with that!!! {and behave yourself over there!}