Monday, June 15, 2009


I did not forget to post my pics first.

Sorry I did not suddenly forget how I was getting the NOT ME MONDAY link to McMammas blog.I did not have a fabulous week!I did not find a 2nd hand pool that was big enough to swim in and I surely would not have bought it.I wouldn't make all the kids and my mother help hoe,shovel,carry dirt,pack dirt,and fill it up and then I most certainly WOULD NOT make them wait all day before getting in it.I myself would NOT be a bit excited about it and I would Not want to get in it myself.We did not finally get a ladder so we COULD get in it.Brenten WOULD NOT push down the side and push Kaden and his baby float out.My kids are MUCH kinder and loving then that.It was not a scary moment and I WAS NOT stuck in a tube that was way to small for me and my neighbors were surly NOT laughing at me diving over the side of the pool to rescue my baby.Saturday is NOT my birthday so Donald DID not take me on a shopping spree after he got off work.I did not get a fire pit,gazebo,solar lights,and an awsome light show/fountain for the pool.I am not turning my yard into a luxury.Happy Monday Everyone!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Oh good, you actually DID let them GET IN!!! =0)

Glad to hear it!

Teach that baby to swim fast so that you don't have to have those scares. {{shiver}} Pools scare me when there's babies around. I taught mine to swim EARLY and now I have fishies!

Happy Tuesday! ((I'm a day late))