Saturday, June 13, 2009

A day in the pool...and ONLY 1 accident

I had this intelligent idea yesterday to set up the pool.We have no flat land except the driveway so I wasen't sure where to put it.So after pondering on it for a few minutes I came up with the idea to hoe the driveway right where my rig was parked and just set it right there.So that's just what we done.This pic of the wheelbarrow and shovel is the tools used to make the pool area.I couldn't find the mini hoe to put it in the pic. This is the clay dirt pile in which was the choice dirt to spread for pool padding.It had no rocks and was available in the back yard so we put it to good use.

This is Kaden and Brenten working hard helping us.It was really better this way...TRUST ME!

This is Justin shoveling clay mud so we could haul it and spread it.GOOD JOB SON!

This is my mother useing the mini hoe to remove the gravel from the driveway.Don't worry she done about 1/4 of it.GOOD JOB MOM!

This was taken this morning.This is my Mother with her backache.

If we only had a ladder we would all be in there.

Is it time to get in yet?It feels good!Do you see how they are all just itching to get in?

SPLASH!Ha they will find a way to get wet with the pool without getting in!

Is it time yet?

And then Kaden try's conning people into putting him in.

And he starts to get aggravated.

And I was just wanting in there too!

Will a group pic get them in?Justin,Malachi,Brent,Mariah,and Kaden.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Man, no pictures IN THE POOL????

Get in that thing!!!! =0)

Glad y'all got it all set up and hope you put it to good use instead of just staring at it. ha ha ha