Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Old Lady in a Shoe?

Today was a fantastic day!I was kind of like the old lady who lived in a shoe.I started the day off with 3 kids.I had Brenten,Ashley,and Kaden.Then at 12ish the lady on the next street up came and got Ashley so she could play with Brookyln and Kaitlyn.Then at 3ish my mother returned Justin.So thats 3-1=2+1=3.Then at around 5:30ish The lady brought Ashley home and left Brookyln and Kaitlyn so I could baby sit them while she went and took a test.So now thats 3-1=2+1=3+3=6.At this point I had Justin,Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,Brookyln,and Kaitlyn.It didn't take long for the neighbor kids to pile in.By 8:00 I had the above 6 plus Arianna,Mariah,Malachi,and Christian.Thats a total of 10 kids.Whoa Wait a Minute.Thats alot of kids.I enjoyed every minute of each ones company.There was NO fights,arguments,disagreements,or anything in the such.I DID however hear a ton of PLEASE and THANK YOU'S.I was so proud of each and every one of them.I am now back down to 5 kids.I have Brenten,Ashley,Kaden,Brooke,and Kate.I love day's like this vey much.I also managed to get all the little ride on toy's that Kaden never played with anymore put and freecycle and boy did they ever go fast.Now my yard is so much cleaner.I strive for clean green grass instead of toy's cluttering it.This is Brenten,Ashley,and Kaitlyn playing with the barbie computer.See I provide quality entertainment lol. Left to right Mariah {holding Kaitlyn},Ashley,Brookelyn,Brenten,Kaden,Arianna,and Justin.The other 2 boy's decided they was to big to be in a group picture {they are 9 and 10}.
Thank you all for checking my blog out.I hope someday I do something real exciting.

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E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, now that's a LOT of kids!!! What a cute group. =0)