Friday, June 12, 2009

My special daughter

My daughter won a math bee and didnt tell me!She is on the 2nd row and is the 3rd child to the right.I just can't believe she didn't tell me!Thank goodness I subscribe to the local news paper.I am so proud of her.I had another blog I was going to do but this made me so happy I had to do it instead.Kelsey will be in 3rd grade next year and has alway's had a love for school. Hey E look I figured out how to do pics.


Anonymous said...

Sister I taught ya how to do them! LOL
Tell Kels that her Aunt C is so proud of her! At least my smarts rubbed off on someone!

Grace said...

After showing Kelsey her pic she got excited.She DIDN'T even know she had WON!

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh Congratuluations!!! What an awesome thing to 'find' in the paper --- your own daughter. =0)

And I'm glad you got your pics working!!! You go girl!