Friday, June 5, 2009

TGIF TGIF tgif and a new irl friend

This is our new friend Allen.He asked if I would take a pic of him and email it so thats just what I did. I couldn't decide which of the 2 to send so I just sent both.
Yes girls he is available!!!!!!!!!!!!1Yes girls he has 2 jobs.

TGIF!!!!!!!I just feel I can't say that enough.I have been able to keep myself busy lately.I started my yard sale yesterday to declutter the house for summer.It's growing by the minute and by tomorrow my house should be spotless.I also made a new friend.No worries he is ONLY a friend and he knows I am happily taken.Best part is..he works at O'Reillys and will give us employ discounts :).Ok so Donald ain't real fond of the new friend but I bet he will come around and like him.Now allow me to post pics of our new friend.Wait first I have to write more.At 7:30pm tonight just 30 short minutes before my kids bedtime I decided to build a small fire so we could roast marshmallows and hot dogs.Unfortunatly I didn't get the pics I wanted because my stupid camara batteries went dead.But here's what I did get.................................................Kaden didn't know what to do with the fork lookin thing.
Justin knew just how to use it.Momma loves roasted marshmallows........I caught her off guard.Kaden caught on fast and burned many marshmallows just to show everyone the fire.

If you read my blog and would like to please leave a comment.I don't care if it only say's "hi".I just want to see how many people stop in.Thanks and have a great fun filled weekend.

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