Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's almost here

As of 5:00pm tomorrow we will kick off my birthday weekend.I didn't even bother to invite adults because they are NO FUN!I have invited several kids and we have alot of fun stuff to fo.We are going to swim then eat then swim {yes I know the 30 min rule}then umm eat and swim some more.Before falling asleep in the tents we are going to tell ghost stories.Me myself I don't know any stories but I have heard 2 kids say they have books about ghost stories so maybe they can help.I bought some lights and hung them on the entrance of the canopy today........they are kinda dull but still pretty.I am going to real firewood tomorrow so the fire will burn a little longer without having to get up every 20 minutes to break more limbs.You see the neighbors lost a huge limb in the ice storm we had in Janurary and when they mowed their yard they threw the limb in my yard.I was going to {give} it back to them but have now decided to keep it for myself.It burns fantastic but it just dont last long.I will see about a pic to post with this blog but I may not have any yet.My feet was wet today and then I put my sandals on and then my feet stunk somethin fierce so I washed them but they still stink.My sis once told me to just smear some toothpaste on whatever stinks and it will stop stinkin so I will try toothpase in a sec.After spending 2 1/2 day's outside I have managed to get a sunburn on my back.I shouldn't run around in just my swimwear but hey it's my yard.I have never peeled when I get burned it alway's turns into a nice tan.I DID however put sunblock on today now we just gotta see how well it worked.Nope I have NEVER wore sunblock until today.I generally just smear baby oil all over me so I tan or burn or something.3 of my 5 kids don't burn.They are dark complected like their daddy and instead of burning they just tan a little more.I wish I was more like them so I didn't have to work so hard.Well It's late and I have a whole list to get done before tomorrow evening.I'll post pics tomorrow.Good Night All!

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E @ Scottsville said...

Sounds like you're gonna have some excitement this weekend. I'll look forward to a blog about it next week. =0)