Friday, June 19, 2009

Millinium House

Someone told me about this house one time a few years ago.It's located down a gravel road about 2 or 3 miles from town.The owners own a large section of shopping malls and the land that wal marts sits on.Now you must be wondering how many people live here?2 thats right only 2!It's just an elderly lady and her son.On each side of the house there is 4 garage doors so I am guessing it will hold 8 vehicles.As you can see in the pic they have a security gate up.They can open it from inside the house to let people in and beside the gate is an intercom.Now on the back side is a paved road BUT it's a long way's away.The back side is not secured either it only has a barbed wire fence.My friend delivered pizza to them and she said it has about 17 bedrooms.You can also see it has at least 3 fireplaces.I would like to live there but I'd need a maid and some butlers cause I could never do it alone.I did zoom in all the way with my camara to make it look like a close up.I have drove by this alot just to look at it.Ok I know I have to much time on my hands lol.Happy Friday Everyone.I have got a million things to be doing right now.


Grace said...

It also appears they need a lawn man because they have weeds!I noticed them by enlargeing the picture.

E @ Scottsville said...

Wow, that is one nice place!

Hope you had a good weekend. Was THIS your birthday weekend? If so, Happy Birthday!!!