Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday's Gone

After mowing this morning and blowing all the grass into the road so the road sweeper could sweep it up.After mowing it started thundering then it suddenly started raining and hailing.I babysat again this morning as I did yesterday morning and will be doing that til Friday.He is a well behaved child that gets along well with my kids so I don't mind keeping him.I found me a patio set for real cheap and now I have to find a way to get it home since it won't fit in the tahoe.It's 3 lounge chairs,1 regular chair,and 2 tables for $15.00.It's in real good condition so that makes it well worth it.I have been having the baby fever and couldn't think of a way to solve it.I have found so much baby stuff for very good bargains but have had no reason to buy it.Well I now think I have a reason to go wild with baby stuff.I'm going to start watching for a bassinet,swing,bouncer,etc.A boy that I use to change diapers on now has a baby of his own.It's a little girl named Angel and she has a ton of hair.She is such a doll.She will be 2 months old next week.They all came over for the evening and said they will be back Sunday.I figure I will be seeing alot of them so I might as well make it where the baby is comfy and safe.This is Kevin,Stephanie,and baby Angel. This is Kevin and Donald.

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