Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me Monday

It's not Monday again!I did not stay inside all week and still end up sick on Tuesday.I did not go visit my Grandpa in the hospital yesterday.My cousin did not stop by Friday with her kids and we did not talk and laugh alot.This same cousin would not have called me Saturday and talk to me then she did not drop her kids off at their dads and then she did not call me back at 11:00pm and talk to me til 2:00am.No my family has better stuff to do besides sit on the phone with me.I did not have an enjoyable weekend.I did not have to get up early this morning.I am not back to baby sitting again.The child is not the same age as my oldest and they do not get along well.I did not turn the radio on while I was cleaning the house and I did not hear them say they wanted caller number 2 for some speedway tickets.I could never use speedway tickets!I did not then walk to the kitchen and ask myself if I could win them then I did not walk back and grab my cell and call them to find I was #2.I am not going to speedway on Thursday & Friday free of charge.I am not glad I am so pokey slow about things.My mother has not had Brenten all week and my mother n law has not had Kelsey all week and my sister did not get Ashley yesterday for a week.It really is not peaceful.I really never need alone time.


-stephanie- said...

I could talk on the phone with my family for hours either.

How cool that you won free tickets. Have fun!

-stephanie- said...

OK that sentence makes noooo sense.

It should read, I could talk on the phone with my family, for hours too.

E @ Scottsville said...

I'm so glad you won the tickets! I guess we can look forward to a Speedway blog, right? Good!