Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My pre-Birthday Shopping Adventure

It's not quit my birthday yet but since it is Saturday Donald decided to take me shopping.All I wanted was stuff for thr pool and a nice lounging area.I believe I done alright.This is Donald playing with my pool light/fountain.I think this has a pretty glow after dark. This would be the umm tent?sun shelter?I forgot what the box called it.It is water proof which will come in very handy since we get the most rain in June.

Solar lights.They had 8 in the box and I only needed 4 but thats ok I just spread them around the tent.

This is my new love.I seem to be a fire person and since it is against the law for me to build fires in the driveway {in which I have been doing} this should keep me out of trouble.

It's rather hard to get pictures that dosen't include kids.I believe I was getting the fountain but got kids instead.Notice how they are alway's near the pool?

THIS IS THE COLORFUL FOUNTAIN.I love it as much as the fire pit.

This is the fountain glowing green.I like the blue and red better.

This is the fountain with the flash on.It is lit up but you just can't see it.I suppose I did get more then I should have and I suppose I might feel guilty for awhile but by this time next year I won't feel guilty I will just want something else to make me feel guilty lol.

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