Friday, June 26, 2009

Fun in the Sun

It's summer and the best thing about summer is being outside.I stay outside alot in June so I can have my tan built up for July.I try to get a nice tan but by December it's gone.I spent a whole week outside catchin the ray's and I got a bit of a burn.That's just normal for me to burn once then I am good for the summer.My kids never burn.Ashley has been outside more then me and she also has a tan line.Of course Ashley is darker then me to begin with.Amazingly I haven't been outside much this week because I haven't felt very wonderful.I do however feel fine now but it's just to hot out there.I'm trying to decide what I want to do for the 4th of July.Kelsey's birthday is on the 3rd and Brents is on the 16th.I could combine the 3 events into 1 or I could do them each seperatly.Not sure what yet but I will think of something.My camara batteries are on the charger and I haven't done anything exciting enough to get pics but hopefully in a week or so I will have something exciting.My cousin and I are planning to take our kids on a field trip.Her kids are homeschooled and needs a break once in awhile.We are planning a trip to a Spring.It should be very refreshing by the time we make it there.Please keep some of my family in your prayers.My cousin "Goob" is in bad shape 100 miles away at the hospital and my grandpa isen't doing well either {they took him to the er last night}.Other then that I think eveyone is doing well.Oh Brenten has an ear infection from swimming.He's tough and with the meds he should be fine.This is my {burn} lines.They have turned brown now and it no longer hurts. If you look closely you can see Ashley's tan line.{like she needed one}.

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