Thursday, March 19, 2009

Case of the Missing Parents

My INNOCENT father
My Innocent Mother

Have your parent's ever just disappeared?Mine have.My daddy came by Tuesday to visit and I haden't seen or heard from him since.Then earlier this evening I called all 3 of my mother's phones (2 are cell's) and got no answer.Well finally I was ready to send out the search party to find them when I had this idea.I called my Grandpa and would you believe my Father was sitting right there in the chair.So that meant 1 found and 1 to find.I called my sister's,my Aunts,and my best friend....nobody had heard from her.So then as panic started setting in I had 1 last idea.I called my cousin and would you just imagine who was sitting there?None other then my Mother.It was a huge relief to have found them both all by myself.I think I am going to drag them out behind the shed (neither have barns) and I am going to tan their hide lol.Really I would not do that but they better start letting someone know where they are going.If they are that bad now think what kind of stress I will have if they get altimers (sp).So that was my excitement for one day.I think I will go to bed and see what tomorrow brings.

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