Thursday, March 19, 2009

I finally made it to blog spot!

Ok so i am alway's reading everyone else's blogs but had never taken the time to set up my own blog.
Well today seemed to be the perfect day for that.So here I sit in front of the computer instead of folding the laundry.It's ok,that laundry will be there tomorrow.I will tell you a bit about myself.My name is Grace and I am from Missouri.I have 5 wonderful kids that act like kids.I am engaged and will someday be married,but not anytime soon.We have 1 pet dog named Daisy.I am a doctor,Nurse,Taxi,Maid,Vaccume Cleaner repair woman,Lawn Service,ETC.In other words I am a typical stay at home mommy.I try to make sure everything around the house and yard is kept up.So now that I have done my introduction I better start on laundry.

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