Monday, March 23, 2009

Do they ever stop?

Yesterday Brenten had an accident that damaged his face a little bit.Today Kaden thought he could do a much better job so he tried it.Brenten used the smallest ride on toy he could find.Kaden chose the sled.Good thing I bought a first aid kit.I have used it about 5 times since I recieved it.Now if I can keep the other 3 kids from trying to see if they can do better then I will be very happy.We all know that after 2 fail the task someone else HAS to try to see if they can do better.So who's it going to be?The only options left are Justin,Kelsey,and Ashley.I'm going to guess Justin.Let's hope he removes his glasses before making the attempt.I have been cleaning my kitchen.I finally broke down and bought a real mop today.Yes I have had several real mops but I have had to buy 2 a month so many times that I am tired of buying them.It's not that I wear them out it's just that I have children that LOVE mopping the ground,tree's,vehicles,ETC.I have sold a ton on ebay today and was fortunate enough to get the buyers who are quick payers.I want a fish or 2.I think I will go buy a small tank and a gold fish or two in a little bit.I love watching them swim after dark with the flourcent light in the tank.My Grandpa ise'nt doing very well.Let's keep him in our prayer's.

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