Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fantastic Sunday

Brenten after doing his stunt
It was a beautiful day today.The temp wasen't to hot or to cold,the wind wasen't to strong or to weak.It was a very nice day to be outside.I loaded up the kiddos and headed to the r/c race.Some may think they would be boring but they have more mishaps then the normal real cars at the local speedway.So after sitting and watching the cars go around the track for a few hours I loaded up the kiddos and came home so I could cook some supper.Just as I started getting the pans hot and the food in the oven Ashley came in and told me Brenten had hit her and it hurt.Here I will tell you just as she told me "Mommy" "what?" Brenten just hit me and it hurt" "tell him I said to stop and play nice" It's ok mommy he got hurt and he is crying"........Now Brenten never cry's and I do mean never.So if Brent is crying I am found running to him.Well today he came running to me.I opened the door to see a head with goose eggs on it,a bloody nose,chin head,and lip.I was very scared and kinda sick (I don't take blood very well).So I got him in the house and instantly grabbed the 1st aid kit and went to work.I taped a band aid on his forhead and another on his chin and another under his nose.Now band aids don't stick well anyway and since his nose was running it just made the band aid all wet to where it wouldn't stick.After he got to feeling better I asked him what he was doing to get injured like that.Here is our conversation."What was you doing to get hurt like that?" I made a ramp and was riding down it" "Where at?" "Here I will show you".Now would you believe he got Kaden's smallest ride on toy and the ramp we use when the neighbor comes over and put the ramp up against our rock wall and tried to "fly" down it.Don't worry the wall is only about a yard stick tall.Well guy's he didn't give up there.After I got him patched up and feeling better he decided to try it again with a bigger toy.He got the neighbors barbie jeep and rode it down.He sure is not a quiter.He will do something over and over again until he stops getting hurt.He has alway's been that way.I really did have a pretty peaceful laid back day.I hope yours was as good as ours.

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