Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's almost ME time!!!!!

My childern that are oh so perfect have been on Spring break since the 23rd.I have looked at them every day for 9 day's.I have asked them to help me pick up their rooms and just to help me keep the living room clean.Who was I kidding right?I could of saved my breath or talked to the wall.But since they all 5 attend school tomorrow and I have a meeting here tomorrow I decided to start cleaning.I have managed to get the girls room,living room,and laundry done.Next will be the kitchen...thats the room I dislike!My cousin helped me out by contacting family for the get togethe.It really helped me out alot.It seems as if the family likes to talk and it caused my home phone and cell phone to go dead.It's ok they are both alive again.Hey is anyone else's bills cheaper this month?I got all my April bills and they are sooo much cheaper.One of our gold fish croaked.I do believe the kids feed them to much and someone added pop to the fish bowl.I guess they thought they was thirsty too.Oh geez what am I doing sitting here?I better get busy because I know house work don't do itself (unfortuneutly).

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