Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What a Wednesday

The fish after the kids fed them
What a Wednesday this was.I woke up and instantly srated cleaning.I knew my momma was coming to stay the night with me so I had to get busy.I finally got the living room,kitchen,and laundry clean.I then headed to Momma's house.It was 2:30 when I got there and knew Donald would be getting off work at 3:30 and would be home waiting for food so I really had to hurry.I made it back to town and stopped by the ups store o ship a package then I was headed home.I made it home by 3:30.Woo Hoo for me lol.When we got back to my house I instantly started posting mom's stuff on ebay.I got half way through and decided to stop and cook supper.By this time Donald was already home.I made some chicken,mashed potatoes,gravy,stuffing,peaches,and shells and cheese.It was done at 7:45PM.Boy was I late but I think it made it taste better and it appears everyone else did too because when I went back for seconds it was gone.I guess that is one way to do weight control.We got 2 gold fish on Monday.I have been wanting fish for awhile but I alway's thought back to the time we did have fish and how the kids treated them.I thought that since they are older now things would be different.BOY was I wrong.Brenten,Ashley,and Kaden thought them poor fish was mighty hungary today because they kept opening their mouth.So what did the kiddies do to solve the hungary problem?They dumper a half of a NEW container of food into them fish.The water is very murky now and the kids say them fish can't see them.Hmm I wonder if them fish would really want to see them?DOUBTFUL!Anyway's that was my exciting day.I think I'll clean the poor fish tank tomorrow so them fish will maybe live another day.

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