Saturday, March 21, 2009

UGGG let's move on!

Wow where to begin?It appears that I am soon to be a single mommy again.I have heard that if your getting out of a bad situation that you should remove yourself completly.So I sat down and figured it out.I am moveing away and leaving everyone except my kids behind.I think we will be happier with just the 6 of us.Now sure I will change my cell number and not give it out but there is way's for me to call momma without my number showing up on caller id.I figure we will be going between 3 and 5 hours away so really not that far but far enough that nobody can drive the streets and find us.I'm sure everyone has heard the sayin "if momma ain't happy,ain't nobody happy" well it's the other way around here.If my kids ain't happy then I ain't happy.So let's see how things change by next Saturday and if nothing changes then we are outta here!

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