Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Is Revealed!

As you know by now I awoke Friday morning and spiffed the kids up for their school pictures.After making sure they were dressed nice and getting them on the bus I opened the yard sale.Not long after opening the sale everyone started pouring in.I sat in the yard with my cousin and didn't have time to shower or anything else for the big concert.I knew rain was coming so I finally got everything covered with tarps at 4:30pm.We needed to leave home at 5:00pm in order to make it in time but guess what?It was 4:45 when I was getting in the shower!After my shower I had to get dressed,get gas,and buy ponchos to keep us dry.Oh we left so late and hit very heavy rain half way there but I didn't slow down.There was no way I was going to miss seeing Tracy Lawerence and Justin McBride!After making it there right on time we was wondering where in the world we needed to walk to in order to see the concert.Then IT appeared.It was a brand new John Deere with a trailer attached to it.The guy motioned us over to climb aboard so we did just that.This picture was taken after I sat down.Most people screamed the entire way out of fear but I road peacefully while taking pictures.He did go pretty darn fast but I enjoyed every minute of it. Give it up Ladies and Gentlemen this is Tracy Lawerence!
And it's Tracy again.The lighting was odd and it didn't matter how close I got or zoomed in they still came out wrong.But I know what they are so I am happy I even got to go get blurry pics.

This is Justin McBride!He is a rider for the PBR and also a singer.He sure has alot on his plate!

Justin again from a distance.

And again it's Justin from a distance.

Just a practice pic to see if they was going to turn out ok from the back of the crowd.Nope it was crummy.

I had a blast!Keep checkin back because I am going to put a video on AND the funny odd pic I got for a secret reason.

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