Thursday, September 24, 2009

How much $$ does it take to please a 3yr old?

I had to go to wal marts the other day.As alway's when I am checking out Kaden starts asking for the game room.Now in the game room there is a toy machine that you stick a quarter in and play until you win.I figure 25 cents for a little crummy jumping frog is a big rip but he likes them so I alway's let him.On this day I felt like trying my luck with one of the 50 cent machines so after Kaden spent 50 cents in the 25 cent machine I headed to the 50 cent machine.It took me one try to win a necklace that looked nice and heavy but as I was retrieving it I realized it was plastic.I really didn't care since I don't wear necklaces.When we got home and started looking at all his "good" stuff I realized he had gotten some plastic bears,plastic frogs,a little container with something in it,and the necklace I had won.After opening the container I figured out it was plastic clip on earrings.Boy he thought he was in heaven and wanted to put it all on.So I helped him put it all on and this is what it all looked like. Don't worry he hasen't wanted it on since!I will be saving this picture just in case I need a good blackmail pic later in life lol.


-stephanie- said...

That's cool. He looks tough, like Mr. T.

Gracie said...

Too cute! He is adoreable =)

Fatal Piggy said...

He is the cutest "BIG" boy in the whole world! I Love You Kaden!