Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HELP!!!! I need ideas!

My oldest son Justin is 10 years old.He is 57 inches tall and 118.5 pounds.I am only 65 inches and 118 pounds.This means he weighs more then me!I feel like I need to put him on a diet.He is always outside jumping on the trampoline,riding bikes,running,etc.I'm clueless as to how to go about this.I don't want him to suffer in his adulthood because I didn't do anything while he was young.It's not that he eats alot of sweets because I do keep those stashed for my own personal use lol.I can give you an idea what he has in front of him at meal time...Tonight he had baked steak,au grautin potatoes,shells & cheese,and chili.Any ideas on a better diet?


Jackie said...

maybe you should just concentrate on portion sizes and encourage him to drink water. This site has good advice http://www.mealsmatter.org/EatingForHealth/Topics/Healthy-Living-Articles/Portion-Sizes.aspx
Whatever you do never tell him he's fat or he needs to go on a diet. Just make sure the food he has to choose from is healthy and he's not eating a ton of it (divided or smaller plates would help too..easier to make smaller servings look bigger) and the weight will eventually come off.

-stephanie- said...

smaller portions of the meat and potatoes, but knowing he will probably still be hungry, have lots of fruits and veggies and water on hand that he can grab. Make it a rule that there is no eating after a certain time, unless it's a fruit or veggie. Water's good anytime. It's good that he's running around a lot. You're a good mom.

E @ Scottsville said...

Mathew got rather chunky at around ages 10 - 12. Then he had a growth spurt, got into football, etc.... and the weight is GONE. I worried too, but alas, it was all for nothing. =0)