Friday, September 4, 2009

Dear So & So

Dear Chrissy,Thank you for making my youngest daughter think she is a snob.She is so proud to ask me every morning if she looks like a snob.Thats the look she is looking for lol.Love your Sis Dear Fellow Yard Salers,Thank you for making our sale a huge success!We done an awsome job for the money box.You also helped me to buy an umbrella for the concert tonight.Your Merchant Dear Donald,Thank you for an awsome month.It has been very good!I love you!Love Me I know I didn't have alot to post but you see I have to leave in 30 minutes and I still have to shower and get dressed,grab the camara,buy gas & an umbrella,and get a hold of the sitter.TGIF have a safe but fun Labor Day!


Fatal Piggy said...

Me? Make her a snob? I did not have anything to do with that! LOL

E @ Scottsville said...

Ya know, I have forgotten about the "Dear So and So letters". I'm gonna have to get back to that when I have something to say!