Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Saturday

It has been a Saturday like I haven't had in months.Me and my cousin decided to skip a weekend since next Saturday is going to be long.Since we haven't been home during the weekend lately the neighbor kids have went and done their own thing.WOW why didn't I plan something for today?The neighbor kids were so happy that my kids were home that they invited Brent over to play.It started out going well and since they are the older boy's I kept watch out the window just in case they tried any funny business.Sure enough it didn't take long for the 3 older boy's to start being mean to brent.As Malachi held Brents arms behind his back as Brent struggled to get away Christian told Dillon to kick Brent so there went a foot in the stimach.I flew outta my chair and hollared at all the boy's to get to me NOW!I went off on the boy's and told them that I should report that and if I EVER see that again they could go spend time in kid jail and think about what they had done.Oh that got their attention.I am now the mean lady but thats ok I do not care.They keep coming back with excuses and for some reason the excuses keep changing but I keep telling them I am not blind nor deaf so they need to not stand there and lie to me.If I caught MY kid doing something like that to another kid I would tan his hide.But anyway!!!!!!!Donald has brought up that tonight would be a good date night.I fully agree with this.Tonight is the very last race at our speedway so we are going to escape and go catch the great odor of racin fuel.I still haven't got many pics taken with my camara but have a ton on my phone but they are on my phone not the computer but hey I do send one or 2 to my computer sometimes.It would be so easy to attach the cable and put them over all at once.Here is Kaden.It looks as if he might be modeling.

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