Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Nephews

I have blogged about my nephews before but I had to use some old pictures I captured over a few years.My sister came last night with new pics and she allowed me to scan them.So here are new pics of My nephews.They have grown so big and they are all adorable!This is the oldest nephew John.He is 5 years old. This is Austin.He is 4 years old.
(top)Austin,(bottom left) John,Austin,Carlos,Junior.(bottom left) John.

The top 2 photos are Carlos and the bottom 2 photos are Junior.Carlos is 2 years old and Junior is 10 months old.

I alway's wondered if I would know them if I passed them in the store or at the park and you can bet I will now.


E @ Scottsville said...

OH, lots of handsome little boys! I bet she has one BUSY house!!! =0)

Fatal Piggy said...

i miss them so much! thank you for posting this!