Monday, September 14, 2009

2 kids & A road trip

I have been counting the day's til the nice warm weather ends and the cold moves in.Last weekend I only had the 2 boy's {Kaden & Brenten} so I decided to do something with just the 2 of them.After putting some thought into it and running through the options I finally decided to take them to Mammoth Springs Arkansas.It was crowded at the park due to Labor Day but it didn't bother us a bit.Here the boy's stand by the Frisco that is parked. The water from a spot I had never been down to.If you drop a neon colored hat in it it will disappear until it eventually floats down.
This must be the governor.

And this was something very big.It's got fresh paint.I remember seeing this when it was old with peeling paint.

The ducks enjoying the day.

The boy's by the cannon.

I only wanted them to sit there long enough for a picture then after the picture Brent wanted to crawl under but I told him NO because the water is fast flowing and cold.

And this would be the river at thingy.

To live so close to this little town we rarely go there and when we do it's just to go to the park.On this day I decided the boy's and I would find a go in sit down restraunt.After driving all over I was begining to think the state trooper would pull me over for looking so lost but luckily we made it to a restraunt before he got us.

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-stephanie- said...

It's nice sometimes to only spend time with a couple kids. Makes for some good quality time. Looks like a fun time.