Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hello to all my fellow bloggers

I'm sorry I have no pictures.Between notes home from school about brent and all his teachers phone calls,Preparing for the yard sale,and trying to get ready for the tracy Lawrence concert I have been rather busy.I also had to take the time to pay my cell bill,take Kaden to school each day and pick him up,and run my mom and sister around town.So I have made it through most of the week and had the yard sale today.We didn't do bad at all!Between the 6 of us we pulled in over $100.00.Tomorrow is the kids picture day at school so of course I had to take time to pay for those online too.I haven't been online much this week and I miss it very much.Wait just a minute I have to get a drink before I start looking like the desert.Ok I am back.Wow now that I sit down to write my post I don't know what to say lol.I will have a very interesting post on Saturday and I will attempt to find a free second tomorrow to do my usual Friday post.I better get Justin in the shower.I have managed to send all 5 kids through the shower in record time tonight.So until next time keep your head in the clouds and your feet in the sand!


-stephanie- said...

I have blog blank too. I'm running here and there and have little time for anything else. Good job on the rummage sale. I need to have one of those. Have a great Friday..and Labor Day weekend.

Fatal Piggy said...

I keep my head in the sand and my feet in the clouds! It keeps people from wanting me to do stuff!